4x4 Accessories

Upgrading the work truck? Love to 4-wheel drive?

Lift Kits - from spring lifts to full Lift Junkie kits

Steel wheels         Mud Tyres

Flares                   Bullbars

Snorkels              Accessories

We’re suppliers of ARB, MCC and XROX bullbars. Bullbars are ideal for every off-road vehicle. Not only do they look awesome they also protect all that important stuff under the hood.

Whether you’re rock-climbing or bashing tree’s out the way be assured we have the bulbar to help you do it right!

  • Light bars in a range of sizes and colours.
  • Snorkels, flares, wide wheels and mud tyres
  • Spring lift kits, body lifts, extenders, differential drop brackets and much much more

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