Suspension Modifications

Whether you’re wanting to lower your car to lift it up, we do it all.

Suspension plays a huge role in the way our cars perform on the road. Worn shocks will affect braking distances and could make the car feel like its floating on water. It’s important to have your suspension checked by a professional regularly or if you feel something unusual when driving.

Vehicle Lowering:

At Cooper Tyres we have lowering kits available for most vehicles. Whether you would like a lower centre of gravity for better handling or prefer the look of a lower car, we’ll have something to suit.

Lift kits:

Come and see what we can do when it comes to vehicle lifts. We have a huge range of lift options available and extensive knowledge in ideal lift techniques for your vehicle.

Lifting a vehicle is ideal for those wanting to travel off-road. It provides higher ground clearance in difficult terrain and suspension has more flexibility for better traction on un-even surfaces.

Looking to upgrade your suspension?

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